Eco-Friendly Cleaning

GreenEarth is more than an ecologically safe alternative to traditional petrochemical cleaning solvents like perchloroethylene (perc). It is actually better for fabrics. And that’s not just our opinion, its science.

Solvents are not strong or weak on their own, they are only a carrier. Their “strength” is measured by how well they work in combination with additives to dissolve the materials that need to be dissolved (soils) without dissolving the materials that need to be protected (fabric). The magic of GreenEarth is the unique way it has been designed to work with detergents and the cleaning action of dry cleaning machines to remove stains and soil from fabric fibers without "touching" them. GreenEarth loosens and removes soil particulate from fabrics without degrading or damaging textile fibers. Fabrics are cleaner, fresher, and last longer.

Great Cleaning, Great Price:

  • Many consumers worry that green technologies will cost more at the register. We’re happy to
say that GreenEarth doesn’t cost any more than traditional dry cleaning methods. Machines that use the GreenEarth silicone solvent can be configured to operate with less energy and expense using new filtration technologies. Clothes processed with GreenEarth come out with less static, lint, wrinkly, or need for special handling, reducing the time and expense of processing and finishing. What does this mean for our customers? You get 100% environmentally-friendly cleaning at the same great price. So, when you choose Meadowlark Cleaners, you can feel good about protecting the environment and your wallet


  • In addition to GreenEarth, Meadowlark Cleaners offers Wet Cleaning. Endorsed by the EPA as
an environmentally-friendly cleaning process, wet cleaning is a gentle, water-based process performed with advanced cleaning agents. These additives reduce or eliminate water damage such as shrinkage or bleeding. Meadowlark Cleaners performs wet cleaning on a daily basis for many diverse garments including wedding gowns.

More than Green Cleaning:

  • At Meadowlark, we not only use environmentally-friendly cleaning technology, but we have
other green practices in place, too. Ask about our hanger recycling service in which we reuse or recycle used hangers, cutting down on the cost of replacement hangers and minimizing waste. Our reusable laundry and garment bags cut our waste even further, and provide our customers with higher quality garment packaging that one-time use plastic bags. And, you can rest assured that paper and cardboard packaging comes from recycled sources.