Our Services

Dry Cleaning
Wet Cleaning
Shirt laundry
Fluff and Fold
Leather and Suede Cleaning
Complete Alteration Service
Carpet/Rug Cleaning (Any Size)
Free Pick Up and Delivery
Wedding Gown Cleaning and Preservation
Shoe and Handbag Cleaning and Repair

  • Dry Cleaning

Gentler than washing with detergent and water, dry cleaning is a solvent-based process that extends the life of a garment. Dry cleaning results in less shrinkage and color loss than wet cleaning, and, when done properly, leaves no residual odor or discoloration. Meadowlark Cleaners is proud to offer GreenEarth, a 100% eco-friendly, non-toxic dry cleaning system.

  • Wet Cleaning

Endorsed by the EPA as an environmentally-friendly cleaning process, wet cleaning is a gentle, water-based process performed with advanced cleaning agents. These additives reduce or eliminate water damage such as shrinkage or bleeding. Meadowlark Cleaners performs wet cleaning on a daily basis for many diverse garments including wedding gowns.

  • Shirt Laundry

Laundering is performed with water, detergents, and brighteners. However, unlike home laundering, Meadowlark Cleaners’ service includes expert finishing with starch and professional pressing of your shirts.

  • Fluff and Fold

Just like at home, fluff and fold (household laundry) uses water, detergents, and brighteners, and is used mainly to process heavier duty items like linens and comforters.

  • Leather and Suede Cleaning

Animal skins and suede require special care. Meadowlark Cleaners offers professional cleaning for all types of leather and suede. Your piece will be returned to you in perfect condition, with no warping, discoloration or stretching.

  • Complete Alteration Service

Quality garment care will always involve some amount of maintenance or alterations, and Meadowlark Cleaners’ professional tailors perform these services on the premises with the same care and attention to detail as all our other services. From hems, zippers and minor mending to tailoring and alteration of your finest pieces, let us help you look your best. Our tailoring staff is available Monday through Friday from 7:00 a.m. to 6 p.m. and Saturdays 8:00 a.m. – 1 p.m.

  • Carpet/Rug Cleaning (Any Size)

QTo keep your rugs looking their best, we recommend annual cleanings (more frequent cleanings might be necessary for rugs in high-traffic areas). Meadowlark Cleaners can clean rugs of any size and type. We’re happy to pick up your rug by appointment. Call or email us to make arrangements.

  • Free Pick Up and Delivery

Meadowlark Cleaners offers free pick-up and delivery to clients in Huntington Beach, Huntington Harbour, Westminster, and Sunset Beach. Our deliveries run Tuesday through Friday between 9:00 a.m. and noon, and by special request. When you sign up for pick-up and delivery service, we’ll provide a reusable laundry bag for your convenience. Pick-up and delivery clients must have a credit card on file with Meadowlark Cleaners.

  • Wedding Gown Cleaning and Preservation

MMeadowlark Cleaners’ professional technicians are trained in wedding gown cleaning and preservation. All gowns are cleaned individually, onsite, and preserved in acid-free, heirloom quality packing materials for future generations.

  • Shoe and Handbag Cleaning and Repair

For a few dollars, you can significantly extend the life of your shoes and handbags. Meadowlark Cleaners offers services that include maintenance cleaning, emergency spot cleaning, shining, stitching, stretching (or shrinking), and minor leather repairs.